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Import Contacts into a CRM

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Importing people in a CRM via an Excel spreadsheet is a very common pattern. The original data is usually exported from another system and needs to be mapped. Data Janitor shines in doing so in a repeatable fashion.

In this particular example we want to import players of a league into Amilia. The orignal spreadsheet has 5 tabs with 50+ players on each:

Players to import in Amilia

The Amilia import template is also an Excel but in a different format. Its a single sheet that looks like this:

Amilia import Excel template


We will perform 5 different imports. Using Data Janitor, we will write a JavaScript function that maps from one format to the other. The function will ignore empty rows and raise warnings when the data is bad.

function cleanName(name) {
  return (name||'').replace('?','').trim();
function process(input, columns) {
  var output = [];
  input.forEach(function(inRow, r) {
    if (!inRow.First) return true;
    var outRow = {};
    outRow['First Name'] = cleanName(inRow.First);
    // Last name is sometimes empty - use the first
    outRow['Last Name'] = cleanName(inRow.Last) || outRow.First;
    outRow.Gender = inRow["Male/Female"] == 'Male' ? 'M' : 'F';
    // Dates are not provided but necessary - put whatever
    outRow["Date of Birth"] = '2000-01-01';
    outRow["Join Date"] = '2018-01-01';
    if (!_.isEmail(inRow.Email)) throw 'Not an email ' + inRow.Email + ' on row ' + r;
    outRow.email = inRow.Email || '';
    outRow.Activity = team2activity(inRow.Team);
  return output;
function team2activity(team) {
  var data = [{"Activity":"Équipes Automne-Hiver 2018-2019::Futsal::Mercredi profutsal::FC LaTchass","Team":"FC LaTchass"},{"Activity":"Équipes Automne-Hiver 2018-2019::Futsal::Mercredi profutsal::FC Pointu","Team":"FC Pointu"},{"Activity":"Équipes Automne-Hiver 2018-2019::Futsal::Mercredi profutsal::Hrissa","Team":"Hrissa"},{"Activity":"Équipes Automne-Hiver 2018-2019::Futsal::Mercredi profutsal::Les Imbattables LSJ","Team":"Les Imbattables LSJ"},{"Activity":"Équipes Automne-Hiver 2018-2019::Futsal::Mercredi profutsal::PassionTeam mercredi profutsal","Team":"PassionTeam"},{"Activity":"Équipes Automne-Hiver 2018-2019::Futsal::Mercredi profutsal::Raging Lombrics","Team":"Ranging Lombrics"}];
  var o = _.findWhere(data, {Team:team});
  return o ? o.Activity : '';

On the Code tab, running this will show us the mapped data, row by row. We can spot bad emails by using the _.isEmail(email) helper and throwing an exception.

Throwing an error to stop processing in Data Janitor

As a result we obtain this data mapped. We can copy the output to clipboard and paste into the Amilia Excel file for import.