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More Details

  • JSON Validator verifies that your JavaScript Object Notation adheres to the JSON specification: www.json.org.
  • JSON Validator also formats or humanizes your JSON to render it readable following common linting practices such as multi-line and indentation.
  • Looking for more options to format your JSON? Checkout CSVJSON's JSON Beautifier. It has tons of options to make your JSON pretty.
  • Did you know that all browsers have a built-in JSON linter via the global object JSON? Method JSON.stringify implements the validation and formatting of JSON.

What is Linting?

  • A JSON linter is the combination of validating and formatting JSON performed together.
  • The term "lint" originates from the UNIX command lint "which examines C source programs, detecting a number of bugs and obscurities". A "linter" is the program which performs "linting" on source code.
  • JSON is a data format and not a programming language. As such, linting JSON is more about validating and then formatting for humans to read more efficiently (splitting on multiple lines and indenting nested values and objects). Nevertheless, the term "lint" is now commonly accepted to encompass both validation and formatting.

Sep 12, 2018

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